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Talk to the hand (‘cos the prospects ain’t listenin’)

Do you ever get the feeling
you’re being ignored?

Welcome to the world of an
affiliate marketer.

As more and more affiliates
enter the fray promoting
more and more products a
critical problem is emerging…

It’s becoming nigh-on impossible
to get your messages heard,
never mind acted upon.

Michael Cheney had the same problem.

He noticed clickthrus, open rates
and commissions tanking it in
a downward spiral.

He wanted a cure.

So he spent months picking the
brains of the best copywriters,
super affiliates and marketers
on the planet.

He developed a simple, proven,
and works-for-anyone method
of creating colossal commissions.

And you can do it in 9 minutes
or less.

No wonder affiliates of
all levels are clamouring
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Affiliate marketing just got easy.

Very easy.

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Bottom-feeding affiliate scumbags

Things are getting scary.

As it gets harder and harder
to generate good income as
an affiliate some scumbags are
resorting to bottom-feeding tactics…

You might have seen this
disturbing new trend;

They get a page ranked high
up on Google for a specific
product name.

This then links to a “review” on

(So far, so good, right?)

But this is where it turns nasty.

Said YouTube video turns out
not to be a review about the

In fact – it turns out to be
nothing about the product at all.

It’s just a blatant scam-pitchfest
for some cheesey MLM nonsense.


But I can understand why some
affiliates feel they have to
resort to these shady methods.

They’re doing it because it’s
becoming increasingly difficult
to stand out from the crowd.

The noise is deafening.

And you need to fight to be heard.

So what if there was a way you
could differentiate yourself
from all the other affiliates?

A way you could get heard, get
noticed and get sales (by the

Well, there is.

I’ve discovered, tested, tweaked
and perfected a slick commission-creating

It works for newbies.

It works for more advanced guys.

And it works even if you don’t
have a list. (Yes really).

Give your affiliate income
a quick, easy and permanent
boost right now by grabbing
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How to make lots of commissions without trying…

I’m not gonna lie.

Being an affiliate can be
a real pain in the ass at times.

Especially if you’re just
starting out, don’t have an
email list and scrabbling around
for commission crumbs among
the big guys.

This is how it was for tiny
affiliate Naidy Phoon.

He thought he knew what
he was doing and he was
sure working hard at it.

But he was only making a few
dollars a week.

Then he discovered The
Commission Machine and
now regularly makes $1500
to $2500 a day.

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Struggling newbie vs. World Famous Guru: watch what happens next…

This teenager made history.

He was up against some
of the biggest household names
in internet marketing.

It was an affiliate contest in
one of the big product launches
recently and nobody gave him
a chance in hell.

He only had a tiny list.

He only had a few months’

And he was practically a
total no-namer online.

But he had a secret weapon.

At first it only worked
slowly but gradually he began
dominating the leaderboard.

He finished #1 beating some
of the biggest, best and most
famous internet marketers on
the planet.

What did he do?

He used The Commission Machine
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EXPOSED: You won’t believe how this struggling newbie makes $2500 a day

He’s just a kid really.

His name is Naidy Phoon and
he lives in Malaysia.

He’d been “dabbling” in
internet marketing for a
few months and had
managed to make a
few dollars here and
there but nothing much.

He saw the big potential
in affiliate marketing but
didn’t have a massive list
and wasn’t getting hardly
any commissions.

He thought it was the size
of his list.

It wasn’t.

It was the WAY he was
doing affiliate marketing.

It was all wrong.

Naidy invested in the groundbreaking
Commission Machine and he
started making $1500 to $2500 a day,
winning affiliate contests and basically
kicking a truckload of proverbial
butt online.


You’re getting your hands
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tactics here.

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You – rubbing shoulders with Tony Robbins and Arnie?

Usually I’d shy away from
“click-baity” headlines like this.

But usually headlines like this
are a pile of steaming doo-daah.

This one ain’t.

It’s the real deal.

I know this newbie personally
and saw this happen with my
own eyes.

The best thing about it wasn’t
the fact he learned this
cool new trick, or the money he
made – but the look on his
face when it happened.

You see he’s got two young
sons to support and this
$296 kept the wolves at
bay so he could focus on
building his online business
even more.

So what was the weird trick?


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Broke newbie bags $296.88 in 48 hours using this 1 weird trick

I’ve heard so many people
talking about Periscope I
thought it was just noise.

But I’ve tested it myself
and have to say;

Periscope is one of the
easiest ways to make
money online.

Here’s why:-

You just hit “Start Broadcast”
on your phone (once you’ve
got the free Periscope app)
and you are instantly broadcasting
to the 15 million users on

Now of course – you’re won’t
reach all of them with your
broadcast but you will get
a bunch of new prospects
(and potentially customers)
every time you do a broadcast.

The trick is;

You need to know how to attract
these Viewers, the best way
to run your broadcasts to
get people to buy from you
and how to get well-ranked
in the Periscope listings.

This is where my good friend
Michael Cheney comes in…

You see he immersed himself
in Periscope for several weeks
doing daily broadcasts, devouring
all the secret strategies and
even becoming one of Periscope’s
secret BETA testers.

You can spend months trying to
fathom this thing out and get
it cranking out moolah.

Or you can just grab this
easy money-getting shortcut


Transactions speak louder than words.

Lookie here;

$2500 in 1 day
$218.88 in 24 hours
$431.58 in 1 day
$674.95 in 48 hours
$180.68 in 9 hours
$4483 in four days
$983.47 in less than 72 hours
$171.47 in one day

These are the commissions of
students who learned and applied
a simple method which needs
no money for ads, no list and
no experience.


No – most people do JACK
with training they get.


Most certainly.

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