The Skater’s Waltz

The Skater's Waltz, Op. 183, additionally known as The Skaters, or French Les Patineurs, waltz by French composer Emil Waldteufel written in 1882. Of Waldteufel’s many compositions—together with greater than 200 dance items—The Skaters’ Waltz is the best-known.

In The Skaters’ Waltz Waldteufel got down to seize the environment of a winter day in Paris, with ice-skaters venturing onto the frozen Seine River. Within the manner of his older rival Johann Strauss, Waldteufel’s piece gives a sequence of contrasting serene and exuberant waltz themes, rather than only a single melody. A slow opening passage for solo horn is adopted by graceful rising and falling strains within the strings and woodwinds that result in the primary waltz theme. There, once more, the horn takes the central function. The wintry atmosphere of the piece is enhanced by means of sleigh bells within the percussion part.

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